The Time Detectives™ History Puzzles

Save the Future by Sorting Events from the Past!

The Time Detectives™ History Puzzles is the first game from Time Detectives Studios. A history puzzle sorter game, that teaches history, trains your brain, and keeps you entertained every time. Try the game free for a limited time now!

Play the First History Puzzle Video Game!

Learn about the past in a fun puzzle

Enjoy Historical events with images and descriptions

Drag and Drop history into the right order

Earn points and train your brain!

Train your brain with new History Puzzles

Puzzle Events with Images and Descriptions

The Time Detective’s™ Puzzle Example

🕵️‍♀️ Hey Time Detectives! It’s Doc, and I’ve got a web game treat for you! 🖥

✨ Face nine historical events and sort them chronologically! Your cache holds three events at a time – drag and drop them onto the grid, and Rock, The Chief, and Ilios will cheer you on! 💪

💥 Green borders signal success 🟢, while orange borders mean a fix is needed 🟠. Rearrange events as necessary and complete your mission! When you are ready for the next set of 3 events click “Next Set”

🚀 Remember, this is just a web teaser! Download the full game to join us on even more fantastic history adventures! 🌟 Let’s save the past together, Time Detectives! 🏆

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