Introducing Time Detective’s™: Play the Demo Web Game and Experience a New Way to Learn History!

🕵️‍♀️ Hey Time Detectives! It’s Doc, and I’ve got a web game treat for you! 🖥

✨ Face nine historical events and sort them chronologically! Your cache holds three events at a time – drag and drop them onto the grid, and Rock, The Chief, and Ilios will cheer you on! 💪

💥 Green borders signal success 🟢, while orange borders mean a fix is needed 🟠. Rearrange events as necessary and complete your mission! When you are ready for the next set of 3 events click “Next Set”

🚀 Remember, this is just a web teaser! Download the full game to join us on even more fantastic history adventures! 🌟 Let’s save the past together, Time Detectives! 🏆

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      Are you a history buff or a puzzle enthusiast constantly searching for fresh and innovative ways to immerse yourself in the world of the past? Look no further! Discover Time Detective’s™, an engaging history puzzle game, now available for download on iOS and Android platforms. To make the learning experience even more exciting, we have created a demo web game that showcases the unique puzzle functionality. Get a feel for the game and learn how to play before downloading Time Detective’s™ on your device.

      Game Overview:
      Time Detective’s™ is an exceptional edutainment experience, fusing history and puzzles to explore various historical eras and uncover fascinating world-altering events. The captivating storyline follows the adventures of Rock Justice, The Chief, Doc, and Ilios, who work together to stop time-traveling criminals from altering the course of history. With the demo web game, you can enjoy a taste of the unique puzzle mechanics present in the full version.

      Web Game: Puzzle Demo:
      The Time Detective’s™ demo web game focuses on the core puzzle functionality, offering players a chance to experience the innovative gameplay before downloading the full game. Set in a 3×3 grid, players arrange historical event cards in chronological order. As cards are correctly placed, a green border appears, providing instant visual feedback. The demo lets players learn the mechanics, hone their skills, and develop an appetite for the challenges waiting in the full Time Detective’s™ game.

      Why Play the Demo Web Game?
      We believe that Time Detective’s™ innovative gameplay is worth trying before downloading. The puzzle mechanics offer an entirely new way to play and learn history. With the demo web game, players can:

      1. Experience a taste of Time Detective’s™ premium edutainment
      2. Learn game mechanics and develop problem-solving skills
      3. Boost interest in the full Time Detective’s™ game
      4. Enhance knowledge of historical events and their relationships

      Technology Stack:
      The Time Detective’s™ demo is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a seamless user experience. It uses jQuery UI for drag-and-drop functionality and features data management via a Flask app. The full Time Detective’s™ game targets iOS and Android platforms, with ongoing updates and expansions.